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Anonymous asked: Is it totally ohkay for me to cosplay as one of your ocs? I really love cosplaying ocs and your homestuck trolls are really super cute and I love them and ugh would that be ohkay?


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Anonymous asked: long time fan and (once mutual) follower ~ I absolutely love your gifs. would you ever consider maybe doing a calliroxy gif one day? :3

Sorry about the unfollow. I used to follow back but my tumble must’ve not liked it and it unfollowed everyone and would only let me follow 200 back a day and that would take forever.

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dociousmacabre asked: Hahahahah that anon. "I don't follow you and you don't know who I am but make me a gif lol" hahahahahahahah "I'll follow you if you do" ahahahahhahahHHAah oh lordy. uh I mean c'mon dude, this is a once in a lifetime chance to earn one. More. Follower. One whole follower. What a time to be alive. Remember what Eminem said

HAHAHAHA! You sarcastic little fuck.


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Anonymous asked: Can you gif my oc like for MadCarnival and GummyPron ??? Ive only ever had her drawn for me never giffed. Ill even follow you if you do

Sweetheart, uhh haha… I don’t really make Gifs to gain followers or for OC’s or anything other than the canon characters. It takes too much time and effort, and then everyone would want one, you get me?

And I made those Gifs for Mad and Gummy because well, they’re artists who I’ve admired and followed on my shitty old accounts for a long time, before anyone even knew who I was and I just— ugghh, It’s hard to explain, not saying I don’t appreciate you like I do them (even though you aren’t even a follower and you’re on anon… lel.), It’s just- you need to be pretty close to my heart for me to want to Gif your troll, because it’s difficult, time consuming and tiring. ❤ Sorry bro

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Anonymous asked: Pretty much any NSFW stuff by forgetful01 is gr8 gr8 gr8 stuff.

Thanks babycake♡

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Anonymous asked: Do you ever read any GamKar fanfics? I know some gr8 ones with subKar