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Anonymous asked: as an animation student I know exactly how long it takes to make a good animation and I just appreciate how much time and effort you clearly put into your works, they look absolutely amazing!! :D

Aww wow. Approval from an expert :3 Thank you ♡

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I was bored so i did a gamzee makeup test ovo/ !!
i like my makaras being fab uvu<3
cant tell much of the contouring cuz its too bright lmao 

Hhnnnnngg ♡♡♡♡♡

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Anonymous asked: Do you have any OC's? >w<

Yes, I have quite a few that were made many many years ago. They started out as furries actually, but over the…. 5, 6 years? They’ve become human. I think I’m only going post these two today.


This is my baby, Sparky (real name Marigold, but she hates it). I think I made her when I was 8, she was a white rabbit, but over the years and turned into this. I re-coloured an old pic of her to show her as a troll because I wasn’t sure if you meant troll Oc’s or just general. lelelele.


This here is ‘H’. He is an angry, scottish motherfucker. But is stupidly humble and easily embarrassed. Of all my stupid Oc’s I’ve always had a soft spot for my H. Even if he is a huge asshole.

Bonus bronzeblood H just for you, sweet anon.

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Anonymous asked: You're so awesome! Like you made my favorite gifs and when I found you I followed! And when you followed back I nearly squealed.

hehehe Awww what a sweetie. thank you and you’re welcome ❥ ❥ ❥

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Anonymous asked: Since I love your art and you are amaze do u have a sfw bloge I can follow I wanna follow all ur blogs

Oh sweet thing, yeah I have another blog but it’s a little lame and new atm. Here it is anyway: Link

❥ ❥ ❥thanks angel.

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Anonymous asked: I just hope you know you are amaze Also I wanna ask u a few things to like Get to know you Cats or dogs Fav color Fav troll Fav kid A N D L A S T B U T N O T L E A S T d i d y o u e a t m y f u c k i n g c o o k i e