Hello Sailor ❤ ⚓

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Anonymous asked: oh my gosh I just want to kiss you your gifs are so beautiful!!!

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Anonymous asked: So im a shy idiot and is to afraid to get off of anon but i just wanted to say that you are an amazing gif artist and you are my tumblr Senpai and i really want you to notice me i love love ALL your gifs VERY VERY much :33 you are amazing keep going strong (and may i please ask for some solkat i love the way you draw them and i really want to see them together in a kinky way x333)

Aww cute babby. ❥ ❥ Thank you so so so much. And I believe that I have some SolKat on my to-do list, so expect to see them at some time.

Thanks again, sweetness. ❥ ❥